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Monday, August 05, 2013

Update Tendyong 2: Through the photos of Facebook: Bengali Muslim invasion in Tendyong, CHT

Inside Indian territory

Watching terror of Baengali Muslim settlers through the border-fencing

BSF opens up border gate to give temporary shelter

BGB guards gutted house

BSF personnel talk to the Jumma victims

Worrying Chakma girl 

A victim but no medical care

A Jumma house burns, such burning has been continuing since December 1971.

What is the future of these children?

What do these youths think for their tomorrow?

BSF welcomes the victims.

A terrorised mom with her child, watches the Bengali-Muslim invaders.

Sangbad, Tripura state's leading daily vernacular reports about the exodus.

A Jumma girl is seen carry food bowl got from Indian sympathisers.

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