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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Update Tendyong 3. Jumma victims sue against settlers while Santu Larma acuses UPDF

After a community meeting Mr. Anil Baran Chakma, Union Parishad member, Tendyong Union, an inhabitant of Bogapara sued against Bengali Muslim settlers with Matiranga Thana (Police Station) on 5th instant. He specifically mentioned names of 30 settlers in the FIR and also has made 175 unknown men as accused for looting, arson and destruction of four Jumma villages of Tendyong. 

Based on this complaint, it has been gathered, 3 persons have been arrested, including the motorcyclist Kaamal, who claimed that he was abducted by Jumma miscreants. As of yesterday, 4 persons- Kaamal Hossain, Abed Ali (UP Member), Abu Hanif member, and Kamruzzaman have been arrested. The affected Jumma communities demanded to the administration to take Kaamal to police remand and squeeze him for the actual facts. 

Zahedul Alam, a very powerful Awami League leader in Khagarachari Hill District and also BNP leaders were consulted before suing against the attackers. They all gave their consent by telling that case should be registered with the police based on facts. Yesterday, suddenly Anil Baran Chakma was called to  Khagarachari by some leading persons. Now, Jumma community leaders are in anticipation that Anil Baran Chakma and others will be pursued or pressurised by Awami League and BNP leaders for withdrawing the case. They all claim that the attacks have been done by Bengali Muslim settlers in league with local level BNP and Awami League. 

A local source reports yesterday, suddenly, without talking to the community leaders, a group of  labourers went to Sarbeswar Para to repair the broken statues of Lord Buddha. A few Buddhist temples have been destroyed by the marauders. The report claims that the commanding officer of BGB, Tubalchari sent the labourers. A community leader expressed his sheer unhappiness with this kind of treatment from the BGB. According to him, they should have been consulted beforehand. It may be understood that to sterilize the crime the repair work has been started in a hurried manner. No relief materials except some rice from the BGB has been provided to the affected villages. 

The affected Jumma villagers claim that the Bengali Muslim settlers have now collected illegal arms. With these arms they are now plotting against the Jummas and they made blank fires in the evening of last Tuesday (as the settlers are claiming there were 4 round of shots and then they noticed "Shanti bahini" in the Indo-Bangla border) for justifying a ground for the attacks. They are confident that Kaamal's abduction was also a part of this plot. The Jumma community leaders are confidently claiming this to the media. Of course, the Santu Larma-led JSS is claiming that the abduction of Kaamal has been done by UPDF and, therefore, they organised protest meetings at Rangamati and Bandarban on 5th instant for banning the UPDF.

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