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Monday, August 05, 2013

Update Tendyong 1: Dipankar Talukdar M.P. pays visit to affected villages


Dipankar Talukdar MP (bald head) talks to affected Jummas who have crossed feni river. Photo: Nirob Chowdhury, Prothom Alo.

Mr. Dipankar Talukdar MP, state minister responsible for the CHT Affairs `ministry visited the four affected Jumma villages of Tendyong yesterday. Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police of Khagarachari and Upazila Chairman of Matiranga and a few district-level Awami League leaders were with him. Mr. Kujendra Lal Tripura, Chairman, Khagarachari Hill District Council also accompanied Mr. Talukdar.

With the full assurance from Mr. Talukdar and DC-SP the affected Jummas who went close to Indian border for shelter have started returning to their villages. Mr. Talukdar visited Fenichara border under Fenichara BGB camp, 150 yards from the Indian border fencing, opposite of Joliya BSF forward camp to talk to the Jumma victims.   
A Tendyong victim, collected from Facebook
The affected Jummas demanded to DC, SP and Upazila Chairman to take Kaamal, the motorcyclist to police remand for interrogation for getting actual picture of the conspiracy. Kaamal claimed that he was abducted by Jummas for which the Bengali Muslim settlers immediately cracked down on the Jumma villages. The Police arrested Abed Ali member, a sitting Union Council member from Tendyong Union yesterday.

The Jumma victims claim that the in-charge commanding officer of Tubalchari BGB Zone, Mohammad Soyeb was completely indifferent on the day of marauds. He did not show minimum sympathy towards fleeing Jummas. Day before yesterday, when he was pursuing the Jummas to return to their villages; the affected people categorically told him that they would not return with his call as he was not a neutral person. Mr. Soyeb  got excited and then replied that the Jummas may go anywhere as they wish.

Tendyong victims, close to Indian border in search of safe shelter. Photo: Facebook. 

30 houses (Sarbeswar Para 16, Boapara 11 and Bandarsingh Para 3) have been torched and all the houses have been looted by the marauders. In the marauds 3 persons have been seriously wounded and about 12 persons beaten while 1 is missing. The Jummas are in confident that he might have been killed and the body has been removed. 1 injured person (Sukku Moni, 35, Bandarsingh Para) was taken to opposite side of the border and he was given treatment by the BSF. The administration has given 50 kg rice to each family whose houses have been destroyed by fire.

Silent Bengali Muslim invasion continues unabated in CHT. A group of such infiltrators is seen within the compound of Islamic Foundation, Jaliapara, Ramgarh Upazila, Khagarachari Hill District, waiting for dispatch in different places of CHT. Photo collected from facebook. Link:
 For the last few years the Bengali Muslim settlers of Tendyong have been trying to expand their settlements in the Jumma occupied areas but failed. This abduction of motorcyclist Kaamal might be a deep rooted plot to get a plea for their expansion, the Jummas of Feni valley want to believe. Democratic, progressive and secular forces including the human rights groups of the country should immediately take up this Tendyong incident for protecting life and lands of the Jummas. The international community including the UN office in Dhaka might show their positive gesture to protect the Jummas. The government should withdraw the settlers from the CHT and implement the CHT accord 1997. The government shoulders the main responsibility to protect his citizens.

[The update has been prepared based on a reliable report from the Tendyong area, Matiranga, Khagarachari]

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