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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Commander Indu meets UP Chairmen-members at India-Bangladesh border

Union Parishad (Union Council) chairmen and members of Babuchara union and Dighinala union of Dighinala upazila of Khagarachari Hill District have been asked to meet commander Indu, one of the commanders of armed groups loyal to Santu Larma. The meeting took place at Baghaihat Nona Karbari para, north of Nareichari BGB border outpost, close to Indian border of Raishyabari police station, Gandachara sub-division, Tripura state in the afternoon of 19th instant.

Babuchara UP chairman, Mr. Sugata Chakma, attended the meeting with his full team (13), while Mr. Chandra Ranjan Chakma, Dighinala UP chairman attended with 2 of his members.

Indu asked the visiting elected representatives to opine on the present state of the CHT. In response to his call they all delivered their opinion in favour of arresting the ongoing fratricidal conflict and start joint effort for the implementation of the CHT Accord. Indu did not buy the opinion and categorically told that their attack on UPDF and PCJSS will continue until the PCJSS' (Santu Larma) annihilation program is achieved. He further advised the UP chairmen and members to support the Santu Larma-led PCJSS. The meeting ended the same day without any open commitment to act according to the desire of Indu.     

Commander Indu is a PCJSS returnee under the CHT peace accord of 1997 which ended the protracted Jumma resistance movement. He has so far killed about a dozen of our innocent activists from Panchari and Dighinal upazilas keeping him in Indian soil and Indian borders. In 2010 he abducted 2 Jummas from Dhudukchara of Panchari upazila and took them to Indian Raishyabari police station area. He was arrested by the Raishyabari police with some of his gang members from Toichakma village. The police recovered Tk 6,50,000 from Indu which he realized from the said 2 captives against ransom. Last month he went to Toichakma village of Gandachara sub-division to enjoy a rest. Please read this post [] including follow-up posts. 

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