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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rupayan Dewan addresses fresher’s reception at Mohalchari College today

Mohalchari College Pahari Chatra Parishad (Hill Students Council) organized fresher’s reception today at the college ground. The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Rupayan Dewan and Mr. Pradip Chakma, chief guest and president of the function with the hoisting of national flag with national anthem followed by the PCP’s anthem- “Pahari chatra-chatri dal, Gyaner moshal jaleye niye ageye chal, ageye chal.”

Speakers were- Mr. Suniti Chakma, Information, Publicity and Publication secretary, PCP central committee, Ms. Kakoli Khisa, lady vice chairman, Mohalchari upazila parishad and information & publicity secretary of PCJSS, Mr. Angshuman Chakma, Asstt. General Secretary, PCJSS central committee, Mr. Thuihla Aung Marma, PCJSS central committee member and vice chairman of Mohalchari upazila parishad, Mr. Sonaratan Chakma, chairman, Mohalchari upazila parishad and president of PCJSS Mohalchari Thana chapter.

The speakers encouraged the students to concentrate them in their studies and at the same time read books on biography of wise men and revolutionary leaders and also read those books which can help a man to be free from any dogmatism and extremism. The speakers further called upon the students not to hate politics and avoid politics but to be politically conscious, so that they can judge what is right and what is wrong, as without politics it is difficult to survive in the CHT, in the country and in the world.

The speakers also opined that only with active participation of students and the youths the closure of ongoing Jumma political violence and implementation of the CHT Accord could be achieved. Referring to an excerpt from a PCP’ statement released on 26th instant which bitterly criticizes the CHT leadership responsible for political violence with a term “brutal” leadership, Mr. Rupayan Dewan cited, “You are nobody’s friend, you are your own enemy and people call you the brutal Ashoka.”, which Virat, Emperor Ashoka’s friend remarked while he failed to resist Emperor Ashoka from attacking Kalinga kingdom. Mr. Dewan called upon this leadership to refrain from annihilation policy so that people can accommodate, the way brutal Ashoka is regarded as the Great Emperor Ashoka by the great historians.  

The speakers further bitterly criticized the ruling classes and the governments of Bangladesh for serving the interest of the affluent classes by exploiting the toiling masses and also the indigenous peoples. They held the ruling classes and the governments to bring the Jummas and the Bengali settlers face to face for confrontation. They termed the ruling classes and the governments as reactionary and opined that unity among the indigenous peoples and the toiling masses of the country including the progressive and secular forces can bring prosperity in the country.

The speakers opined that BNP does not recognize the CHT Accord while Awami League signed the accord and gave her strongest commitment for its implementation, but it has betrayed with the Jumma people and hence remarked, “We want to see how the Awami League comes to the Jumma people in next one month or so. Mr. Rupayan Dewan, vice president of PCJSS and CHT Regional Council member told the audience that the CHT administration was brought under active service in 1982 under sections 7 and 8 of the Bangladesh Army Act 1952 in aide of the CHT’s civil administration for maintaining law and order. But, he questioned the rationale of keeping this order valid as of now giving the instances of recent communal attack on the Jummas in Tendyong union (3rd August) and also the communal attack in Khagarachari and Baghaihat in February 2010 as it fails to protect the Jummas.

This intermediate college (Higher Secondary/class XI and XII) was established in 1988 and this year it has about 800 students who basically come from about 13 local feeder schools. This is encouraging that the number of girl students is higher than boys and Mr. Pradip Chakma who presided over the meeting claims that it is about 60%. The participation of girl students to the reception was also very dominant and the function was conducted by Miss Barsha Chakma, a 2nd year (XII class) student.   

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