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Friday, October 04, 2013

Barthali- newest union in Rangamati Hill District

Barthali emerges as a newest union in Belaichari upazila, Mohammad Mostafa Kamal, Deputy Commissioner, Rangamati Hill District, declares today at Ruma upazila sadar (Bandarban Hill District) in a gathering of community leaders and some inhabitants of Barthali union.

Reingkhyong Pukur or Reingkhyong Lake

Farua union forms with the area of No. 9 ward of No. 3 Farua union of Belaichari upazila with 19 paras or villages with a population of 3,985. Its present voters are 1,677 from 708 families. 6 peoples- Tripura, Tanchangya, Marma, Mro, Khumi and Khyang live in this union.

A community leader of this newly born union has expressed his happiness with the CHT Voice a while ago as separate government allocation will now directly flow to them for their development. This union/area is most outreach and most neglected as there is no road at all. The community can boast for the natural mountain lake- Reingkhyong Lake, at the highest altitude in Bangladesh. It borders with Mizoram of India and Rakhiang state of Myanmar. 

Mr. Rupayan Dewan, vice president, PCJSS and member, CHT Regional council sends his warmest greetings to the communities of this union and wishes them all the best.

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