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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

PCJSS Khagarachari district conference held today

Mr. Tatindra Lal Chakma alias Major Pele, general secretary, PCJSS, delivers his speech

With the slogan, “Unite for implementation of CHT Accord and achievement of self-determination of the Jumma people”, the 5th PCJSS Khagarachari district conference was held today (1st September) at Khagarapur Community Centre, Khagarachari town soon after hoisting the national flag with national anthem followed by the hoisting of the party flag. The conference was presided over by Mr. Sudhakar Tripura alias Moon, president of the retiring Khagarachari district committee and sitting JSS central committee member.

On behalf of the outgoing district committee Mr. Bimal Kanti Chakma, a veteran of PCJSS political front during the armed movement and also the sitting PCJSS organizing secretary placed a 22-member panel for the consideration of the conference. The conference passed it without any change for the next three years.  Mr. Pritimoy Chakma alias doctor Jugal is the new president of the committee while Mr. Aradhyapal Khisa (Apollo) has been elected as the general secretary. The committee also accommodates Marma, Tripura and women members.

Ms. Durgarani Chakma, vice president of Panchari Thana Mohila Samiti (women wing of PCJSS) and also a PCJSS central committee member informed the conference that many women in Panchari area have been showing great interest to be part of the Jumma movement under the banner of the mohila samiti.  

Mrs. Durga Rani is being seen above during her deliberation

The conference begun with the reading out of condolence     proposal followed by one minute silence in honour of the martyred who have sacrificed their lives during the great Jumma armed movement and afterwards. The condolence programme was conducted by Mr. Bimal Kanti Chakma, sitting PCJSS central committee having long association with the movement as a Shanti Bahini veteran commander.

Mr. Tatindra Lal Chakma alias, general secretary of the PCJSS told the conference, “Three years ago when there was party bifurcation we had to organize the 4th Khagarachari PCJSS District conference in a deep jungle as the district administration did not count us as a power and did oppose holding of our conference. Today, we are a power and are organised and hence we are organizing the conference in Khagarachari town.”

 Oath taking ceremony of the newly elected committee takes place at the conference

The speakers delivered their opinion on the report tabled by the outgoing district committee. All the speakers appreciated the report and hailed the contents mentioned in it. The speakers raised the ongoing problems of the party and the Jumma people and analyzed from their point of views and finally expressed their firm determination to overcome the terrible moments the Jumma people has been passing through, under the leadership of Sudhasindhu Khisa-Rupayan Dewan-Tatindra Lal Chakma. Mr. Bimal Kanti Chakma alias Prajit, a former Shanti Bahini commander and presently a PCJSS central committee member, informed the conference during his firebrand speech that in many parts of the CHT the common men and also educated sections of the Jumma societies have been showing their trust and interest in Sudhasindhu Khisa, Rupayan Dewan and Tatindra Lal Chakma. 

Mr. Sudhasindhu Khisa, PCJSS president and Mr. Rupayan Dewan, vice president of PCJSS also spoke as the chief guest and special guest respectively. The 7 hour-long conference was declared over at 5 pm by Mr. Sudhakar Tripura, a former Shanti Bahini commander, after giving a short speech followed by slogans expressing determination for establishing the rights of Jumma people and also closure of the violent politics.

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