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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Rupayan and Pele address Matiranga PCP council today

Flag hoisting ceremony- national flag by Mr. Rupayan Dewan and PCP flag by Mr. Rupesh Chakma.

Pahari Chatra Parishad (Hill Students’ Council) of Matiranga College and Matiranga Thana organized a joint council at Khagarachari Hill District Council-run Khagarachari Horticulture Park at Zero mile today with the slogan, “Oppose fratricidal conflict, strengthen the movement of CHT Accord implementation”. The council was presided over by Mr. Rupesh Chakma, outgoing president of Matiranga thana chapter.

The CHT Voice noticed that apart from the Chakma students, Marma and Tripura students’ participation to this joint council including girl students were very encouraging and the whole council was very vibrant.
 New cabinet of PCP Matiranga College takes oath.

Miss Jelly Chakma told the council in her speech, “We don’t want to see further violence and bleeding among brothers in the CHT.” All student speakers expressed their determination to work against violent politics and also showed their firmness for the CHT Accord implementation movement. Mr. Rupam Chakma called upon the Jumma student community to keep them prepared for the struggle of tomorrow.

The joint council elected their cabinets and Mr. James Tripura and Mr. Jibanjyoti Chakma have been elected as president and general secretary of Matiranga college chapter respectively.  Mr. Niloy Marma and Mr. Bhim Chakma have been elected as president and general secretary of Matiranga thana committee respectively, while Miss Jelly Chakma has been elected as education, literature and cultural secretary of college committee and assistant general secretary of thana committee.

The speakers were Miss Jely Chakma, PCP activist, Matiranga college, Mr. Sohel Tripura, member, PCP central Committee, Mr. Shanta Chakma, organizing secretary, PCP central committee, Rupam Chakma, vice president, PCP central committee, Mr. Angshuman Chakma, assistant student affairs secretary, PCJSS central committee, Mr. Sudhakar Tripura, student affairs secretary, PCJSS central committee, Mr. Uday Kiran Tripura, finance secretary, PCJSS central committee. Oath taking ceremony was conducted by Mr. Amar Singh Chakma, general secretary, PCP central committee. Mr. Rupayan Dewan, PCJSS vice chair and Mr. Tatindra Lal Chakma alias Major Pele, PCJSS general secretary also attended the joint council as chief guest and special guest.

 A view of the Khagarachari Horticulture Park from the council venue

The council curtain was closed down at 2 pm after the song "Nachang mui  jebar edecchan chari, edu agong janaman dhuri" (I don't want to leave this country as I live in here all thorough of my life) sung by Mr. Archit Chakma, former president of Girisur Shilpi Gosthi (Girisur cultural troupe), cultural wing of PCJSS.

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