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Monday, July 07, 2014

CHT Commission team comes under communal attack in CHT

A visiting International CHT Commission team with Bangladeshi nationals came under communal attack at Rangamati on 5th instant. Advocate Sultana Kamal, eminent human rights voice, former adviser of caretaker governmenback nd a co-chairperson of the commission was leading the visit in the CHT.

Ms. Illira Dewan, a researcher of the CHT Commission and Dr. Iftequarazzaman, Transparency International Bangladesh executive director and also a CHT Commission member including the O.C. of Kotwali Thana of Rangamati Hill District got injuries. Ms. Dewan got admitted in Chittagong Medical College and Hospital and received four stitches on her head.

Six fundamental organisations of the Bengali Muslim settlers who represent the transmigrated settlers in CHT have thrown roadblocked programmes to oppose the visit of the independent and neutral body for bringing back peace in the CHT and help implement the CHT accord signed in 1997. Despite an understanding with the visiting  CHT Commission team for winding up its CHT visit, still the team was attacked by the extreme fundamentalists at Omdamia hill area, just a few hundred away from the Parjatan motel at Rangamati town. 

Barrister Kamal Hossain and his team members also came under such attack at Rangamati-Chittagong border on Rangamati-Chittagong road in 2005. The transmigrated Bengali Muslim settler organisations have been showing their utmost opposition against the individuals and organisations who visit CHT in favour of the CHT accord implementation. Such violent opposition is not possible without strong backing from within government. 

We have no words to express our dissatisfaction on the said attack and we strongly condemn such continued anti-CHT accord move of the settlers. We call upon the government to withdraw the settlers from the CHT and give back our long cherished peace in the CHT. We also call upon the government to book the attackers and their leaders for legal actions.


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